¿Are you Ready to Play in the New Normal?

By: Queotz June 10, 2020 18:26 CDT CommentsEdited: Oct/10/21 19:31 CDT

From all the species on the planet, we humans are the only
species with the ability of being aware of the events that are
endangering life and evolution, not only of our species, but also of
all the other species that inhabit this planet.
It is irrefutable that planet Earth is entering to what the scientists
call the 6th mass extinction in the history of the planet.
In an article on the Science Academy magazine it is mentioned
that there is a massive loss of wild life that is called a “massive
annihilation” that represents “an assault to the very basis of
human civilization”.
According to the must relevant spiritual teachings, suffering can
be a trigger that may detonate a leap in evolution through the
making of different choices that impact all sentient beings.
Right now, humanity is experiencing a situation that, for the first
time in many years, affects us all and threatens the most basic
and transcendent aspects of human life existence.
Never before all humanity had been in such a situation of
choosing between taking responsibility, grow up and evolve or
keep being attached to the same ways that have not worked and
will very probably take us to self annihilation as a species.
The virus that produces the Covid 19 disease has become a
detonator of important reflexions that no longer can be hidden or
postponed. What has caused so many human beings to lose the
ability and strength of their immune system to protect them
against infections that may show up at any moment and in any
part or the world and spread, in just few days, all over the world?
A good functioning of our immune system depends, except for
some few types of illnesses, on our life style habits like what we
eat, what we think, how we exercise our body and how we
interact with the environment.
Each of these aspects need to be put on the table for discussion
for every person, family, community and government because it is
the only way by which we can transit to a new normality where we
don´t have to depend on social distancing and vaccines that are
produced by big pharmaceutical corporations whose interests not

always go hand by hand with people`s empowerment of their
natural choices , wisdom and human rights.
World’s population has been gradually weakened in direct
proportion to the increment of chronic and degenerative illnesses
that result from exposure to magnetic frequencies, air and water
pollution, and the consumption of synthetic food made of artificial
fats and sugars.
It is time to understand and become conscious that the solution
and the remedy to this situation does not depend on others but
ourselves and our own choices with regard to what we eat, our
habits and life style, and our repositioning as equals and with the same rights as all the other inhabitants of this beautiful planet.