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La Ruta Natural
Our Story

Our spiruluka bar was born in the kitchen of a beautiful town called San Miguel de Allende, located in the heart of Mexico. In the company of mom and her passion for spirulina, and inspired by enjoying the benefits of this super-food without suffering from its intense flavor, a custom-made spirulina snack was born. It had to be practical in order to be carried everywhere and also free of all the harmful ingredients contained in industrial bars and dehydrated. Since dehydration is a millennial process that allows food to be preserved without damaging the nutritional quality of its ingredients, we had to have it portrayed deep in our products.

This is how the Barra Spiruluka® was born. The first in our line of healthy bars. We wanted to share our product with everyone! So we took on the task of placing the product in one store and then in another. Our clients have always been the bosses, so thanks to them we have been able to improve our product formulas. "When we talk about production, we talk about perfection." For this reason, we must always make our products as we would for our own families.

We carefully select each of the ingredients of our products for their symbolism and importance for humanity, where Ancestral Energy is present to this day.

Aiming to put these superfoods at your fingertips, we have managed to obtain business partners who have placed their trust in us, allowing us to reach shelves where we compete with a wide range of junk products.

Our Story
La Ruta Natural San Miguel de Allende
Why do all of the names of our bars end in Luka?

Spiruluka, Chocoluka, Chialuka and Matchaluka. The word "Luka" by its initials in English: Last Universal Common Ancestor, refers to the ancestor that gave rise to all life on Earth. Therefore, doing well for our community and future generations while respecting the ecological balance of our environment is our reason for being.

La Ruta Natural: it is read infinitely in both directions; left and right. And the sense is that a linear industry cannot be maintained in a finite world. That is why we seek to collaborate with Mexican innovations, to be a self-sustainable food company and avant-garde in clean technologies.

Our Mission

To nurture the planet with our healthy, organic and innovative foods made in Mexico.

Our Vision

To create our products as a result of fair trade and sustainable practices. For a conscious world community that deserves healthy products, at the best price and quality.

La Ruta Natural